THE FIRST YEARS - American Red Cross Hospital Style Nasal Aspirator - 1 Pack

Product Description
$7.49 CAD
Nasal aspirator. Features hospital style design, over insertion guard for safety, and an easy clean plug. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. Carded. Made in China.

Package Description: 1 Pack

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  • Nasal aspirator
  • Nasal aspirator features hospital-style, bulb syringe design
  • Over-insertion guard for safety
  • Easy-clean plug
  • Age Grade: Birth and up
  • U.S. only; not available in Canada
To use:Child should be reclining, with head elevated slightly.1. Wash before initial use; (see below).2. Compress bulb to expel all air.3. Keeping bulb compressed, insert tip into baby's nostril.Note: over-insertion guard will help prevent inserting tip too far. (Mucous membranes are sensitive.).4. Release bulb slowly to draw mucus from nostril.5. Remove tip from nostril and expel mucus by squeezing and releasing bulb.6. Repeat as necessary.
To clean:
Pull open plug on base. Dishwasher-safe (top rack or utensil basket only). Or wash in warm soapy water. Squeeze and release bulb several times to flush interior thoroughly. To rinse, repeat in warm clear water. Drain and dry. Do not boil.
This product is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it. For home use only.

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